About Us
Established in 1997, Direct English supports an international network of exclusive franchise partners from the company’s UK headquarters.

Direct English is a leading language training provider that’s helped thousands of adults worldwide learn English.

English has become the international language of business and communications, with over 1.5bn speakers across 94 regions.

Direct English is a flexible learning program

Direct English is a unique English Language Teaching provider that enables students to build confidence and achieve their goals faster.

Founded in 1997, Direct English has developed proven courses, learning resources and teaching methodologies in partnership with our parent organization, The Linguaphone Group.

Direct English has enabled thousands of adults across Europe, Asia and the Middle East to learn the international language of business and communications, and gain an internationally recognized English Language qualification.

Direct English language and earn a valuable, professional qualification has enabled thousands of adults worldwide to master the English.

Direct English was launched in 1997 as a flexible, collaborative and quality alternative to other English Language Teaching providers.

Today, Direct English has taught thousands of adults across centers in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, developing a host of unique online learning resources in the process.

What makes Direct English unique?

Ongoing student review and assessment supports learner progress. Courses aligned with the Common European Framework Reference for Languages. Courses gradually layer English Language knowledge to give students a lifelong skill online portal with range of premium digital learning resources that let students study anytime, anywhere. Meet industry professionals and leading academics. Focus on all four key language areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Who’s Direct English For?

We provide nine distinct course options – more than any other English Language Teaching provider –to ensure you can find the course that’s right for your needs.

  • Young Professionals
  • Advanced Learners
  • Senior
  • Corporate Executives
  • University Students


Why choose Direct English?

  • Choose a flexible course that fits around professional and personal commitments.
  • Learn English for professional use, practical or conversational purposes.
  • Learn how to speak English with confidence.
  • Gain access to online learning resources in England.
  • Meet industry professionals and leading academics.
  • Benefit from high-quality English Language teaching.
  • Practice what you’ve learned with the Direct English social media programs

Why should I choose Direct English?

  • Developed by the Linguaphone Group, a world-leading language training provider, this unique language system builds up your skills and confidence at your own pace–one step at a time.
  • Gradually layers knowledge at your pace, and build confidence in learning English from day one.
  • Caters for all learning styles and budgets, offering more choice than any other provider.
  • Provides a complete service for individuals and companies alike, with a flexibility that’s hard to match.
  • Fits around your work and lifestyle commitments.
  • Uses premium materials and multimedia resources that allow you to study whenever you choose.
  • Delivers high levels of customer service through which we ensure high re-enrolment figures of over 60% on our program.
  • Builds ability in all four key language learning skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  • Offers continual review and assessment to monitor your progress.
  • We are aligned to the globally recognized Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)–the leading global standard for assessing an individual’s English language proficiency.
  • We are backed by the Linguaphone Group, a global leader in English language training with over 100 years of experience in the global training market.
  • Benefits from Cambridge English Language Assessment’s BULATS tests that all Direct English students will take.
  • And also, no previous English language knowledge is necessary!

Academic and Learning Approach

  • The Direct English system reflects the very latest thinking in language learning. Some language courses claim to teach a language in very short periods of time. You can learn to say a lot in a relatively short period of time, but you can barely understand anything.
  • Every student needs many hours of exposure to a new language before understanding is assured. Direct English ensures students learn to:
  • Understand real English, spoken at normal speed, right from the start. Speak English in well-defined stages, beginning with simple transactions and continuing with full conversational competence.

Read, Write and understand English with increasing confidence