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Direct English is a learner focused system, dedicated to helping its clients succeed in their study of English and our Teachers play a central role in motivating clients and keeping their learning on track.

Teachers lie at the heart of the Direct English system, and our qualified teachers are supported by the Direct English Teachers Manual which provides pre-prepared lesson plans and extension activities for every level of the program.

Teachers run tutorial sessions on-site for customers at all Direct English levels. Depending on the market these can either be conducted as one-to-one sessions, or as groups.

Direct English Tutors also teach at our corporate customers offices through in-company ‘Language Study’ classes, often to large groups of learners.

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To support foundation and beginners, some Direct English Teachers are expert in both English and the native language of the student, helping them to identify areas where learners are making progress, as well as assisting with problem areas.

Significantly, Direct English teachers create the right environment in tutorials to allow clients to practice the language they are learning, so that they can become confident and effective speakers of English.

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Significantly, Direct English teachers create the right environment in tutorials to allow students to practice the language they are learning, so that they can become confident and effective speakers of English.


Our classes are part of the Direct English learning system and have been carefully planned to fit into customers’ overall learning program.

Conversation classes are not just ‘teaching’ classes, they are ‘practice’ classes – a chance for students to practice their developing natural conversation skills in English using a wide variety of Direct English topics. Direct English mission is that students make progress in Language Learning, acquire Confidence in speaking English and enjoy while doing it!

Our Conversation Class Teachers are Native English speakers, who are outgoing and sociable. Many bring life and work experience that can provide insights into topics students want to discuss in the sessions. To ensure quality of the conversation class experience is maintained, our Conversation Class Leaders have access to a comprehensive Conversation Class Manual and can review what topics each student has covered through the Learning Management System.

A specific English teaching qualification is required, Direct English conversation class leaders hold qualifications such as the TESOL or CELTA.

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Direct English teachers are often native speakers with experience teaching English globally

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Hold verifiable Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) or hold CELTA, TESOL, TEFL or other similarly recognized English teaching qualifications

This is just part of the support you'll receive, when you begin a teaching career with us at Direct English. With access to customer tracking software, learning management systems and professional training programs, the world's your oyster with us. Click here to contact your local Direct English Head Office to enquire about career opportunities that may exist in your country today.

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By combining its proven language training system with highly entertaining materials, teaching has never been such fun!

  • Highly developed methodology – designed to systematically deliver in the four skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing

    Pedagogical soundness – built on three major learning stages – tried and tested ways of reflecting the human learning process.

    Tried and tested syllabus – designed for maximum communication and allow students to use their English from the earliest stage, whilst systematically covering all the major elements of English grammar.

    Direct English offers its students a range of courses in addition to General Conversational English.

    Suitably Qualified Teachers deliver our acclaimed skills based Business English course, providing students with an edge in communicating for business purposes. This includes preparing students to sit for all three parts of Cambridge English BULATS Assessment.

    Learner responsibility – based on the pedagogical fact that we only ever learn anything if we take responsibility for our own learning. However, in addition, Direct English ensures through face- to-face tuition and constant self-assessment and monitoring assessment that there is steady progress.

    Truly interactive – Integrated online multimedia resources are used throughout.

    High entertainment value – ensures you will remain motivated throughout the course.

    At a number of our centers, Teachers will also offer preparation for IELTS, and TOEFL, particularly for those students looking to study abroad or work overseas.

    Most of all they love teaching Direct English because it works and our students do learn to speak English!

Find out here how Direct English will work for you, and why Direct English is already the English language training course of choice for thousands of adults worldwide.